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CODIGEEKS is Singapore’s prime and most progressive mobile app development company offering app development services using the latest cutting-edge technologies. Our app geeks are experts in UI/UX designs, prototyping, development, testing and deployment and have an abundant hands-on experience to create great, clean, modern and user-friendly applications that are tailored to work for your business in the best way possible in iOS, Android, Web Apps and Cross Platforms for any industry.

As an esteemed mobile app developer, Codigeeks has been delivering sterling iOS mobile apps and Android mobile apps to various clients around the world. Each and every application development project is governed by a unique infrastructure that encompasses the requirements and core strengths of the eventual app. Our list of recurring clients is a deposition to our operational excellence and sound digital ingenuity.

At CodiGeeks we believe in making a fundamentally positive difference to our clients’ businesses by providing customizable mobile solutions so that our clients get benefited with growth in their business revenue.  From the phase of ideation to execution till delivery, we make it possible to have a flawless app development process whereby the mobile app meets or even exceeds the client’s expectations and benefit the end users. We will transform your idea into a real mobile app, regardless of sector or complexity. Consult us with your app idea and we will take you ahead.

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App Development Process

From idea, to design, to development, to testing and deployment, Codigeeks consistently maintains close touch with our clients and keeps them involved during the entire mobile app development process.

Application Idea


Explain Your App

We understand when you are a start-up, you may only have an initial app idea. Our consultant will be brainstorming your idea and provide you as much as information required before kicking off the project.

Mobile Application Design


App Design

Once you are on board, our design geeks will come up with stunning designs of your application with 3 different looks and feels based on your app ideas and preferences.

Application Prototype


App Prototype

Once you have shortlisted your design, our team will be working on each and every app screen of the project to come up with a fully functional prototype which can be accessed from any mobile or desktops.

Mobile app development


App Development

After you are satisfied with the prototype, we will proceed with the development parallel for iOS, Android, Back-End/CMS or Web app.

Mobile App Testing and Bug Fixing Phase


App Testing

Our development team will create user test cases to ensure the UAT process is smooth. We provide quality assurance, therefore, we will ensure the mobile app is bug-free before it goes live.

Mobile App Deployment


App Deployment

Once the UAT has been signed off, we will move forward to the deployment phase. We will configure and set up the cloud server and deploy the app.

What Our Customers Say

about our mobile apps

Ummati Relief

Ummati Relief


We are very pleased with the work Codigeeks team did. Their creative insights and amazing technical capabilities are truly outstanding.

Dublin Techno

Dublin Techno

Working with Codigeeks over the months was very pleasing. They were very responsive to our queries and despite hours of long discussions, they were very patient with us. Our relation with Codigeeks doesn’t just end with the project but will be a long-lasting relationship.

Eva Jewelry

Eva Jewelry


A team with extensive experience in developing mobile apps. Right from the consultation till delivery, everything was just so smooth. Would definitely recommend them!

Corporate Giftz

Corporate Giftz


A team of real professionals. Every aspect was handled perfectly. Love the results!

Bridal Empire

Bridal Empire


Beautifully designed apps with powerful framework are the best otion for your creative projects! These guys really know everything about premium products.

Baby Palace

Baby Palace

Managing Director

Every time I need to talk through my ideas with a pro, I know where to go. Your designers are the best out there. I appreciate the support they provide!

Jobs 4 Planet

Jobs 4 Planet


It was great working with your team! Great technical support and creative design made me pretty happy with the outcome! Keep up the great work you do.

Favors Palace

Favors Palace

Project Manager

Wonderful experience is always the reason to return to the services of the company. Thank you guys for your professional help with my project. You rock!

Users want instant results while they are on the go. Together, we seek to conceptualize your requirements into a mobile application that meets the wants of your business while placing the user experience at heart.

What Makes Us Unique Among Other Mobile App Development Companies in Singapore?


Our team has the complete ability and expertise to handle a project starting with your idea to an amazing mobile app.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most competitive price in the market and respect our clients’ budget with our fair cost.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee. At any point in time, before the project is kicked off, you can cancel if you are not completely satisfied with our services. But we won’t let that happen, that’s our promise.

Client Care

We treasure and care for our clients. At CodiGeeks we strive to provide our clients the best possible working experience. Thus, when we initiate to develop a business relationship with you, rest assured you are in good hands and your mobile app project is managed by some of the most brilliant programmers and designers.

Mobile App Consultancy

Our mobile app consultancy experts validate your business idea and identify the right features for your app product. We map them to what your target users’ desire; we use insight analytics about your market and competitors. In short, we help you create products that stand out from the crowd.


Our app geeks create user-friendly, high performance and beautiful interface apps. Our designs are not just about the look and feel but how it actually works flawlessly for the end user as well. The best designed mobile apps are those that become a part of the users’ daily lives and not the ones that get downloaded and never used again.

Why Us? We are Awesome

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Ummati relief donation app

Donation App

Ummati Relief
Bridal Empire Login Screen App

Mobile Commerce App

Bridal Empire
travelnic flight booking app

Hotel and Flight Booking App


Mobile App Development Services

CodiGeeks specializes in iPhone and Android app development. We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Therefore, your app can reach a larger scale of audiences without being tied down to just one of the main operating systems. We are one of the fastest growing app development companies in Singapore. With a strong team of brilliant coders and UI and UX illustrators, we know what it takes to build your desired mobile app. We make your ideas live into iOS and Android apps.

Our app consultancy experts will help to expand your idea. In the initial stage, we help you choose the right platform by analysing the existing trends adopted by your target audience. Your app can be designed for the most common and popular mobile platforms such as IOS and Android.

iOS Platform

iOS Operating System

Our developers build top-notch iPhone and iPad applications with Apple SDK which can be integrated with any specific hardware feature such as multi-touch interface, location services, proximity sensors, ibeacon etc.  Our engineers carefully observe and conceptualize the app idea in order to implement a unique strategy to ensure hardware features are compatible with the iPhone and iPad application.

Android Platform

Android Operating System

Our developers who are also proficient in Android SDK, JDK, JSP and SQLite domains develop interactive Android apps where the aspect of screen size changes to suit the various Android device screens, the compatibility of the browsers and various other attributes of the mobile devices. We are a premier Android App development company in Singapore which provides its services for all clients including start-ups and enterprises.


Our team of developers will select the precise technology stack suited for your mobile app to be scalable and robust.

Corona Labs
Android Studio
cocoapods ios app development
Kotlin for Android App Development

Connect with CodiGeeks to build a user-centric & revenue generating mobile app for your business.

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