Chat apps are on the trend nowadays and they hold a strong place in this digital aged era while replacing the traditional SMS and MMS which was initially the default way to send text messages and images. In this era, chat applications, also known as instant messaging apps have literally replaced the way people used to communicate earlier and are becoming an integral part of a user’s life. Messaging now is not only meant for sending each other messages but it allows users to send medias such as images and audios, perform voice and video calls as well as group chats. An ideal mobile chat application requires features and functionalities that can be profoundly be adapted to various chat solutions.

According to Statista, Whatsapp is the most popular chat app in the world with Facebook Messenger coming in the second place where users are increasing gradually day by day. These apps have already set the benchmarks in the messaging industry, thus till this date people are looking to replicate such chatting apps. If you are looking to have a chat app built, go through the essential features and functionalities below a chat app should possess to be successful.

  1. User Login and Authentication

Messaging is no longer only about sending text messages and photos to others now; there is more to it. Therefore, first and foremost, to authenticate a user, a user login is required in the chat app which will require the user to enter his/her mobile number and verify it with the SMS that would be sent to them from the app at the time of registration for security reasons. Messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger require email verification instead where users will need to click the link sent to their email address to verify them. Being a startup, it’s up to you to implement the easiest options that work the best for your targeted audience. You can also choose a conventional sign-up with a username or allow users to create an account or login with their Gmail or Facebook accounts. Once the registration process is completed, users will be able to create their own profiles with their personal information and upload a profile photo either by choosing it from the gallery or enable camera access to take a picture and upload it instantly into the app.

  1. Synchronization
    To increase the circle of friends in the app, the contacts of the user’s phonebook can be synchronized.
  2. Status
    Your app should have features which allows the user to see if their message has been successfully delivered, failed or read/seen.
  3. Voice Messaging
    An important feature which is gaining popularity, voice messages are transmitted via voice media which allows users to leave a message to others any time without the need to type.
  1. Message Broadcasting

    This feature which is widely used by news corporations, allows users to select contacts and create a group to constantly send the message to a number of people. These messages will appear to the recipients as usual non-group messages. Broadcasting is not similar to group messages as the recipients will not come to know who else received the broadcasted message.
  2. Storage and backup synchronization via cloud
    This function is essential in the case where people have lost their mobile phones or accidentally deleted the chat app, messages and medias such as audios, videos and documents are all stored in the cloud so they can be accessed anytime from any device wherever an internet connection is available by just entering their same mobile number or email which was used to sign in to the app. Cloud storage and synchronization function is also particularly useful for people who use multiple devices to access the chatting app. Having the entire backup in cloud gives users the feeling of satisfaction that their data and message history cannot be lost.
  3. Encryption
    What is encryption? Also known as E2EE or End-to-End encryption, it is an extremely valuable high-end security system which allows communicating users to read the messages. Encryption was developed to beat the attempts of surveillance to prevent third parties from breaking or decoding the data which is being communicated and transferred from one device to another. Security is definitely a must have feature in all instant message applications to secure sensitive information and encryption is a vital security feature which influences the choice of the chatting application.
  1. Sharing Media
    This feature as it states allows users to share media to one another such as pictures, audio, documents, stickers, GIFs etc. Sharing media can be one of the monetization options for a chatting application.
  1. Push Notifications

    Chatting applications aren’t completed without push notification to alert users to check new messages. Therefore, push notification is a compulsory feature for every instant messaging app which serves as a direct communication between the app user and the chat application. You can also choose to let users know when their friends appear online. By adding certain extra features to your chat app, you will be able to attract the attention of lots of people to  use your chatting application.

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