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Mobile Applications Development

eCommerce Web Design

Start Selling Online With Your Own Custom-Made eCommerce Store

Set up a customised e-commerce portal, to meet your unique business goals and cater to your distinct portfolio.
Online Shopping Cart eCommerce Development

Ecommerce website is the foundation of any online business.

It is a platform to sell your products and services on the internet, an advertising medium and a communication gateway to attract, engage and retain customers. E-commerce website development can be a complicated process when comparing to non-transaction based sites, as the finest errors have the ability to affect the revenue, profit, and business success.

As a leading eCommerce website development & design agency in Singapore, we are able to implement any business strategy effectively and successfully which helps market the products and services in the internet space.

At Codigeeks, We Offer Tailored eCommerce Web Development Services and Solutions Suited To Your Business Nature.

Our creative design and development team combine their expertise with some of the biggest eCommerce platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, Drupal, Shopify and OsCommerce.

We are the industry leader in ecommerce website development and we have implemented numerous ecommerce platforms across the globe.

eCommerce Web Development Services

Integrate with ecommerce

Integrate systems and applications to your ecommerce store for flawless management.

E-commerce website development is not just about showcasing and attractive design. It is crucial to be able to integrate your existing inventory systems, shipping services and tools, payment gateways and customer relationship management tools into your eCommerce website.

Our eCommerce web development services team look forward to helping you construct your business’s digital assets to offer more functionality while integrating existing and new applications into your site which allows you more flexibility and control on your business.

We built responsive ecommerce websites to ensure flawless experience across all devices.

It is essential for any present-day online business to ensure that their eCommerce website is able to offer the same seamless experience across the various mobile and desktop devices available in the market.

Responsive website design allows websites to adjust to the screen size of devices used to access them. Our responsive ecommerce websites can offer your customers the same phenomenal user experience whichever device they may use to visit your website from.

Responsive Website Development
Wirefame UI UX Design

UI/UX designs for easy navigation

Today’s consumer has very minimal attention spans. A website which doesn’t attract their attention, engage them effectively or offer them what they are looking for within a few clicks will miss out any chance of selling the products or services to them. At Codigeeks, our eCommerce websites are optimized to offer mind-blowing user experience which allows customers to find their desired product or service and also instil them to return to your website again.

Are you afraid you do not have sufficient technical knowledge to manage your website?

If that is the case, do not fret! Content management system (CMS) simplifies the work for you. CMS allows those even without any technical knowledge and expertise to easily manage their websites. This means you can easily update products and pages without any hassle while ensuring businesses do not have to spend extra cash on a dedicated technical team to manage the website.

Content Management System CMS
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine friendly design contributes extensively to a more SEO friendly website and enhances search visibility.

SEO is not just about keywords. Website design and visitor experiences in a website play an important role in improving the rankings in the search engine results of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Our eCommerce websites are designed keeping these factors in mind.

Our eCommerce website development solutions

Magento Open Source eCommerce Platform
BigCommerce Open Source eCommerce Platform
Shopify eCommerce Platform
osCommece Open Source eCommerce Platform
woocommerce open source ecommerce platform
Drupal Open Source eCommerce Platform

Choosing The Right eCommerce Platform

Trying to choose between several eCommerce platforms for your business can be relatively easy if you know what you are exactly looking for. Most eCommerce platforms are open source meaning their code are free to be used, modified and enhanced. But they are not necessarily free apart from the free download.

Proprietary solutions like Shopify or Magento require vendors to pay a licensing fee to use the eCommerce platform. For instance, Shopify is theme based, therefore, once you have chosen the theme, nothing much can be done to customize the website. The only thing you have control on is the content and images. Whereas for open source solutions, you aren’t locked down, therefore, you will have full control of your project. Open source platforms give the developers access to the source code. Thus, they have the ability and endless opportunity to edit and modify the code to create a site of your taste and business needs. Developers constantly create system patches and fix bugs if any. Integrations are also needed for eCommerce platforms to run smoothly such as Payment Gateways, Shipping, Accounting, CRM, Analytics, Tracking etc