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Mobile Applications Development

iOS App Development

Reach New Customers Through iOS Mobile App Development

Work with professional iOS app developers and designers. Take advantage of our iOS app development services and boost your revenue.

CodiGeeks is a leading mobile app development company in Singapore with many years of experience in developing iOS apps for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch. Our app developers are masters of iOS mobile application development services. iOS platform is an ideal option for start-ups and enterprises to promote their products and services and simplify business processes and increase productivity.

Benefits of iOS App Development

Mobile App Security for iOS

Enhanced App Security

iOS platform offers particularly the highest app security. Assets are well taken care of which includes protecting users’ data effectively. iOS offers a strong shield against viruses and malware which is why every app submitted to App Store is carefully reviewed and tested rigorously by Apple before it is uploaded to the App Store and made available for sale. This in return provides a great user experience for the end user. In short, iPhone users are safe from external threats.

Increased ROI on mobile app development

High Return on Investment (ROI)

When you develop an iOS app, there are various streams pf revenues to generate ROIs ranging from charging a fee for an app to in-app purchases and leveraging paid banner advertising.

Secured mobile app transactions

Secure Transactions

With the existing security measures already in place for online payments, iOS apps provides additional top layer security for its users by encrypting online transactions and removing hacking, phishing etc.

Mobile app user experience

Outstanding Consumer Experience

Apple has developed iOS platform as a perfect hardware and flawless software and they provide exceptional customer support. iOS apps are guaranteed to work on an iPhone providing an enhanced user experience which is fundamental for any business.

iOS App Development Process

App Idea
App Idea

We combine your ideas and concepts to build a strong infrastructure for your app.

App Strategy

We initiate your app with a well-defined strategy and a diverse plan to maximise the output.

App UI UX Design
App Design

 Designs are the first impression of your users when the access the app. We create stunning flat designs for your mobile application.

iOS App Deployment
App Launch

Your iOS app will be on its way to the App Store for deployment once it has passed the rigorous testing and analysis phase.

App Testing and Bug Fixing
App Testing

Our app geeks ensure your app works flawlessly and bug-free with our quality assurance process.

iOS App Development

We create a robust architecture for your app combining it with scalability and use APIs, swift and objective-c programming to ensure a seamless performance of the mobile app.

Why Mobile App?

300% Conversion

Mobile app increases visitor traffic by 300%

Mobile Searchers

Mobile Searches are constantly on the lookout for new products and services!

Converting Visitors

App Designs aimed at converting live visitors into leads.

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