7 Reasons To Develop a Mobile App For Your Business

Mobile apps are not only for MNCs. They are for startups and SMEs as well. Nowadays more and more start-ups and SMEs are adopting the mobile trend. These businesses and companies are one step ahead by taking their brand to the next level.

Here are some reasons why every business should have a mobile app.

  1. The Majority has Switched to Mobile

Almost everyone in the world has gone mobile. Consumers are using their smartphones to find local businesses and having a website is no longer sufficient. Users at work, at home and those who travel, are turning away from desktops and switching to mobile apps.

  1. Build Brand and Recognition

A mobile app for your business can increase brand awareness among consumers.

Brand – Create an app which is aesthetically designed and include features which you think may attract customers while keeping user experience at heart.

Recognition – As much as you involve your customers through your app, the sooner they will be inclined to buy your product and/or service.

  1. Stay visible to your customers 24/7

A mobile app can be accessed anytime anywhere. You are allowing consumers to interact with your business on the go. For instance, not only can they place orders online but also can access account related info. The business can also choose to respond quickly to customers’ requests. In Singapore, almost everyone possesses a smartphone and statistics has revealed that consumers spend an average time of 12hours and 42 mins a day on his/her device.

  1. Reach the younger audience

Most of the young nowadays unlike the olden days own a smartphone. The younger generation does not prefer those outdated techniques instead they choose to rely on their smartphones although they may have access to a desktop. The young use the mobile for chatting, browsing and purchasing products and services online.

  1. Create a Direct Marketing Channel

Different apps have different purposes. Some examples of the apps are e-store, hotel and flight booking, donation, chatting, etc.The biggest benefit of having a mobile app is that you have an extra avenue to provide all the information to your customers and convert your visitors into customers.  Push notifications bring you even closer to your customers since they can easily remind them of your products and services or any relevant updates.

  1. Digitalizing loyalty program

Instead of the regular way of claiming rewards by collecting physical stamps, you can make it possible for your customers to redeem their rewards via your mobile app. This will bring you even more downloads and returning customers.

  1. Improve Customer Engagement

Regardless of your business nature, your customers need a path to reach you. Having a chat or help desk feature within your app can be really beneficial and make a difference in the way you interact with your customers.


It is recommended for every business to invest in mobile app development. If your business is currently not mobile and you are not thinking about investing in mobile app development, you may be already behind your competitors. Even if your competitors aren’t mobile now, they may soon be.