Top 20 Mobile App Development Companies in Singapore

Singapore is the most advanced country and has the highest smartphones adoption rate across the world.  A recent Statista report shows that Asian countries are using smartphones instead of computers for online purposes. If you really need to know how smartphones are changing the world, just look at Asia. Singapore and South Korea have the highest smartphone adoption in the world, at 85 percent and 80 percent respectively.

The number of social media users are rapidly increasing in Singapore and 4.83 million Singaporeans are now online which has increased +9% from +2% January last year.

The study revealed that mobile phones or smartphones are the most used devices for browsing the internet, used by 95% and 91% of the population, respectively. Singaporeans are on the internet for seven hours every day and they spend about two hours on social media.

When it comes to business enterprises, Singapore is again embracing the latest mobile app technologies to support the enterprise businesses which are bringing significant changes globally in the mobile app development industry. There are various mobile app developers targeting businesses in Singapore by highly embracing enterprise mobile app development.

Enterprise mobile application development has become the latest market trend for app developers who are highlighting their applications in Singapore. Top world’s leading mobile application development companies are investing in products and services to capture the market shares for business enterprises nowadays.

Below is the list of the top 20 best mobile app development companies in Singapore that are highly known for using cutting-edge technologies in their app development and a reasonable budget to develop business mobile applications. It is very essential to make the right decision and choose the perfect vendor for your mobile app development project to ensure a successful mobile app.

  1. CodiGeeks
  2. Vinova
  3. Frontline
  4. Skylark
  5. Novatise
  6. Rainmaker Labs
  7. Codigo
  8. Massive Infinity
  9. Robust Tech House
  10. Originally US
  11. Swag Soft
  12. Zoliotech
  13. App Developer
  14. Buuuk
  15. SG Interactive
  16. Square Fresco
  17. Fooyo
  18. Singsys
  19. Oasis Web Asia
  20. Ranosys Technologies

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