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Developing a mobile app can be a really challenging task if we are going to build it from scratch. That’s how the world goes by nowadays. Businesses are not solely relying on websites for their revenue but are also going beyond it to have a mobile app developed to reach as much audience as possible.

At Codigeeks, we help you achieve your goals and dreams by providing you with an initial mind-opening consultation on your app idea. We follow a systematic process throughout and ensure your app is alluring for your audience and user-friendly and include the features you require. The final product, your custom app, will be truly splendid!

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At CodiGeeks we are always moving closely with the ever-changing digital era. Our focus is on creating business-centric and market-centric solutions.

Choose between iOS and Android Platforms or Both

iPhone iOS App Development
Singapore Android App Development

If you are going to have a mobile app developed, one of the key things for you to decide is to whether to have your app built on iOS Platform by Apple, Android Platform by Google or both. Though each platform has its own pros and cons both of the operating systems are admirable. They have many things in common than what divides them but there are few imperative differences that may allow you take an informed decision. Ultimately which platform suits your business the best depends entirely on you.

iOS App Development

iOS app development has an easier, faster and cost-effective building process. A large number of users in Singapore possess iPhone. On the average ios app brings in more revenue and apps tend to be bug-free. On the other side, it can be quite daunting to publish an iOS app due to strict review by Apple and iOS apps tend to generate less revenue from in-app ads.

If your app is targeting international users, you may need to give it a thought as iOS has twice fewer users due to the high cost of having an iPhone or iPad in possession.

Android App Development

Android app has a larger market due to the different models of Android devices available in the market. Android also has a quicker and less restrictive publishing process in the Play Store. In-app ads generate lesser revenue though.

Android app market is one of the most scalable platforms that offers varied opportunities to unfold your ideas into stunning android apps. To develop an exemplary Android app requires precision, structural durability and appropriate resources that delivers the most enriching user experience.

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Native or Hybrid Apps

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Native iOS and Android App Development

Native Apps

Native mobile apps being the most common type of app are built for specific platforms such as iOS and Android. Both iOS and Android are built using different programming languages. Objective-C and Swift are used for iOS Apps and Java is used for Android apps. Native apps are also built using Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the different operating systems. Apple and Google provide developers with their own set of development tools, interface elements and SDK. Most businesses prefer to build a native mobile app due to diverse benefits offered.

  • Native apps have the best performance and are highly responsive. They perform seamlessly as they are built for the specific platform.
  • Depending on the functionality, most of the time internet connection is not required to run and use the app.
  • Exceptional user experience as the flow is more precise as there are specific UI standards for each platform.
  • They are more interactive and intuitive as they run flawlessly in terms of user input and output.
  • Developers are given access to the complete feature set of a platform with whatever performance optimizations the native system has.

Hybrid Apps

A hybrid app is a combination of native app and web app. Hybrid Apps work across platforms but they behave like native apps. The app can be installed on a device just like a native app but its actually a web app.

Hybrid applications can be deployed on both iOS and Android platforms. They are built similar to websites and the back-end is developed using Javascript, HTML and CSS and run in WebView.

A hybrid app can do everything which HTML5 does and also incorporates native app features. To access the native features, a wrapper is deployed to serve as a bridge between platforms. A hybrid app’s native shell can be downloaded and the code can be loaded in WebView.

Apache Cordova is a great technological platform to build hybrid mobile applications as they provide a consistent set of JavaScript APIs which allows developers to access device capabilities through plug-ins which are built with native code. Other frameworks to build hybrid apps would be  Ionic Framework, Sencha, PhoneGap etc. Benefits of building hybrid apps would be:

  • Single code-base can be used to built mobile app for iOS and Android, therefore, development cost if less expensive since its unified.
  • Development time would also be faster since both iOS and Android has only one development process.
Hybrid App Development
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