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Mobile Applications Development

Mobile App Maintenance

What is Mobile App Maintenance

and why is it important?

Mobile App Maintenance refers to the control of mobile apps after their deployment by making suitable enhancement and upgrades at regular intervals. All mobile applications require maintenance just like a car or a house once you have bought it. The work doesn’t stop once your app has been launched on the Play or App Store. That is because iOS and Android release updates and patches time to time and you have to ensure your mobile application is working seamlessly across all devices and with all versions. You do not want you app to crash due to version incompatibility. Therefore your mobile app has to be updated frequently to keep up with the shifting trends. Our mobile app maintenance includes alternations in the design if necessary, coding alterations, features update and enhance user experience. When a business invests in maintaining its mobile app, it is providing the app a stable and secure platform. With the increasing number of cyber threats, app security is ultimately essential which is also included in the mobile app maintenance.

The cost of maintaining an app is dependent entirely on its level of complexity and how frequently you need your app to be updated, emergency maintenance, server maintenance  etc. Mobile app maintenance cost is charged annually. As the mobile industry is booming inevitably day by day, businesses are strongly advised to have an active app maintenance plan to ensure the apps are working flawlessly around the clock and so as to not lose existing customers or productivity.