Top 10 eCommerce Website Development Companies in Singapore

Ecommerce website development has become inevitable and is an integral part of any online business and is recreating it trends in the marketplace and online stores. Ecommerce web development is mandatory for retail businesses to drive significant traffic to their online store.

From startups to established brands, all retail stores can benefit from having their own ecommerce website where they can sell their own products or services. In today’s convenience-focused and hectic lifestyle society especially in Singapore, consumers prefer to shop from their own homes or even office and schools making ecommerce a flexible solution for both businesses and buyers. Statistics by Statista reveal that in Singapore alone, the retail eCommerce sales amounted to 2.13 billion U.S dollars in the year 2016 and the figure is growing annually.

Your e-commerce site acts as a salesperson who never eats and sleeps and is available to your clients 24/7. eCommerce Web Design is one of the core services we provide at CodiGeeks. Online shoppers are more inclined to order from a professional and established business. In various instances, your web page design is the first impression a potential customer has of your business. To convert potential visitors to clients, an eCommerce site has to look professional and project a trustworthy appearance.

CodiGeeks designs numerous high profile websites geared towards e-commerce. Our designers and developers work hand in hand to create alluring, interactive and highly sophisticated eCommerce sites with ease of navigation and are effectively organized. From initial planning to delivery, Codigeeks offers complete e-business solutions to help businesses automate electronic processes through eCommerce web development methods. With a vast experience in an array of industries over the years, we can help your organization design the right solution to achieve the desired results and increase ROI.

Standard functions of an eCommerce store include Merchant accounts, inventory, buyer profile, shopping cart, invoicing and order fulfillment, cross-selling, wishlists, payment integration (Credit cards, PayPal), SSL, reports, coupon codes, catalogs, promotions etc.

Today’s technology has created boundless opportunities for businesses and several of them have turned to the online store to target the potential markets. Most of the marketing acquisition and services provider are existing because of the internet and technology. With the increasing, economic attributes in the latest tech industry. The demand for eCommerce websites is rapidly growing to maximize the revenue and increase the overall business opportunities.

It is very tedious to choose the right web development company as many business owners are not IT savvy and they have no idea about contents, designs, website flow, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and another web related information. To make this process seamless, we have gathered some best web development companies in Singapore so that you can choose the company which suits your budget and business requirements.

E-commerce website development is the most necessary part of the online world and getting professional help through the top eCommerce website development company might be the best option available, where you can ensure the quality and cost-effective solutions. Please feel free to check the below list of eCommerce website development companies in Singapore and get the right partner for your projects.

  1. CodiGeeks
  2. eFusion
  3. Above1
  4. Verz Design
  5. Webz Fusion
  6. Smmile
  7. iCreation Lab
  8. Comnet Solutions
  9. Closely Coded
  10. iPixel

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